Sobriety Court Is More Appealing Than Jail Essay

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Sobriety Court is available for those who have felonies or convictions of drunk driving offenses to receive a driver 's license with certain restrictions. This is one of the choices a judge in the state of Michigan may sentence someone with a DUI offense. An example of this would be if a mother of two was convicted of drinking and driving, she could either spend five years in jail or take two years of sobriety court, where the mother could live at home with her family, go to work, and drive (with restrictions). Onc can agree that sobriety court is most definitely more appealing than jail. However, only one out of every five people actually completes the program. Sobriety court is an intensive probation program, but is it worth the inconvenience and disturbance to help these alcoholics and multiple DUI offenders? Participants in the program are obligated to pay a program fee which can be anywhere around two thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. Also, valuable family time is close to nonexistent because of the strict rules that the program has set. Sobriety court in Michigan is unsupportive, expensive, and does little to actually help its participants in the long run. When somebody is sentenced sobriety court, they have the opportunity to gain a restricted license, to work and spend time with their family, all without any jail time. That is, only if the participant does everything correctly without complications. My father was forty-nine when he was arrested and

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