Social Darwinism And Its Impact On Society

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Social Darwinism was a concept that was an accepted theory in the nineteenth-century. It originated from Charles Darwin, which stated ‘ survival of the fittest’, meaning the poor and weak were going to die and that the rich and powerful received more power and growth. However, even though Charles came up with the ‘idea’ of Social Darwinism, he had other social Darwinists who actually grasped the entire concept of Darwinism and applied it to Social Sciences. Social Darwinists like Herbert Spencer who believed that the government should not try to change any type of social environment because it would hurt the process of nature. An important aspect of Social Darwinism is the Cultural one, which goes through Religion, Art, and music. Religion being something that people in society believe in and followed wholeheartedly. Art has a range of paintings, drawings, and sculptures from artists who were influenced by Darwin. Music has always been a part of peoples’ lives and many different artists that occurred before and after Darwin.

Religion was an important issue that many people adhered to for the way of life. Herbert Spencer preached family loyalty, personal providence, family responsibility, hard work, and proud self-sufficiency which were middle-class virtues. In the nineteen-century biblical criticism and religion of a fundamental faith prepared many Americans for the acceptance of Darwinism. Religion has always been something that people for many centuries have
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