Social Inclusion And Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Essay

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Social inclusion is a social society in which differences are respected, values are shared and basic needs are meant through fair social interactions. Most importantly, in a socially inclusive society all members are acceptable and enabled full participation within the society (Victorian Government Health Information, Australia., n.d). In regards, to social inclusion among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) the social dynamics of these circumstances can be more complex then traditionally anticipated. In the United States of American six and a half million people, on average, have intellectual and or developmental disabilities. This translates into two and a half percent of the population (Morstad 2010). Globally, about two hundred million people have intellectual and or developmental disabilities. Worldwide, this makes up for three percent of the global population (Status and Prospects of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities). As organizations and case studies for intellectual and developmental disabilities become more prevalent so does the knowledge of capabilities of these individuals. Some examples of these organizations include Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Easter Seals, 321 Foundation, and the National Disability Rights Network. These organizations work to promote equal rights for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through athletic opportunities, education, work force, health services and in communities across the

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