Social Inequities And Its Effects On Society

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Social Inequities are one of the most faced problems that people are around the world experience, yet they are thrown aside when these issues have more concerns than what meets the eye. Currently in the world, there is a manifold of inequities, such as the very popular ones that continue to expand, such as racism, feminism, and bullying. Although over the years not much improvement has been made to put an end on these issues, authors have been informing teens, especially in their writing, making them aware about the current events. Throughout literature, many people’s eyes have been opened and now more people are aware of the issues and are now starting to do something about it. To conclude, social inequities are growing throughout time, …show more content…

In comparison to men, women are not making nearly as much money as men. Over time not much improvement had been made in women’s income, and they still made a significant, lesser, amount of money. Aside from that, females are also segregated from males in multiple categories with downgrading outcomes for the development of their choices and capabilities. To summarize, it is clear that feminism is a noteworthy issue that hasn’t been addressed formally enough. To add on, racism is also a very common inequity. People are segregated and looked at differently for their skin color, resulting in different treatment towards individuals. This treatment, was cruel and unusual, such as slavery, and abuse towards people. Although these actions were not necessary whatsoever, the treatment continued on for years to come, worsening as time went on. After the civil rights movement, the tension decreased, however to this day, racism still occurs throughout the world. All in all, racism is a still occurring situation that may have died down slightly, but still has not come to an end. Nowadays, everything revolves around money. Money distinguishes the wealthy from the less fortunate and because of this, financial inequality is a growing concern. The Outsiders novel by S.E. Hinton shows how two different groups, the Soc’s who are extremely affluent, versus the Greasers who do not have nearly as much

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