Social Issue: Health Care

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Social Issue: Health Care One of the biggest social problems in today’s society is President Obama’s current health care law. There are many benefits to this plan: People who already have health insurance can keep it. They’ll get free preventative care including check-ups and vaccinations. Children and young adults will be able to stay on their family plan until they turn 26. There have been arguably more problems created by it for American citizens. Just recently in The New York Times, the article “Lower Health Care Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices” talks about these issues. In many states, insurers have been lowering the premiums by doing one thing- having a restricted amount of providers that will care for patients …show more content…

53% of doctors and 78% of hospitals were in the broadest network for its exchange plan. Mr. Obama recently said “Competition and consumer choice are actually making insurance affordable.” However, many insurers are lowering costs by cutting doctors’ fees. Possibly the best argument against Obamacare, was the behavior of the Obama Administration during the first week of the recent government shutdown. The president’s response to Americans demanding protection from the harmful effects of this law, has been to ignore them and let the government shutdown. Not only that, but he also used his power to cut off cancer research, close national parks and monuments, and stop paying veterans’ benefits. The message behind the Administration’s shutdown bullying, “Do what I say, or else”- similar to that of his IRS’s abuse of political opponents- is the abusive, partisan, unaccountable bureaucracy that will soon be running America’s healthcare system under Obamacare. This behavior is the exact reason why we should not increase the government’s control over our choices of healthcare. Even if it means punishing the American people on the way, the government will use- and misuse- what power it has to further advance its own interests. President Obama isn’t just using his powers in office against Republicans; he’s abusing them as leverage against the American people. On Monday, November 5, the President told about 200 of his campaign supporters and health care activists that

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