Social Issue Of Teen Pregnancy

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History of the Problem: The issue of teen pregnancy in the United States first garnered the public’s attention in the 1950s. Beginning with the Carter administration, every succeeding presidential administration highlights teen pregnancy as social issue that needs to be addressed (Furstenberg, 2007). The issue of teen pregnancy was first noted in the early 1950s. In Post WWII America, birth rates rose at a staggering rate among all women (Colby, 2014). In this time period, marriage and child bearing were still inextricably linked and marriage among teens also rose. Due to teens tendency to marry due to an unintended pregnancy, the issue of teen pregnancy did not gain much attention during this decade.
During the 1960s, however, childbearing of women of all ages declined but much more so in older American women (Furstenberg, 2007). During this decade teens were still bearing children and at a much higher rate than their older female counterparts. This was due, in part, to the fact that teen pregnancy was usually unintended and therefore harder to manage with the contraceptive that were available at the time (Furstenberg, 2007). During this time period, it was also much harder to marry at a young age. Age of consent laws, the age that an individual can legally consent to sexual activity, have largely remained unchanged since the 1920s (Robertson, 2007). Age of consent laws vary from state to state but range from 14 to 18 in the United States (Robertson, 2007). The age for

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