Social Issues In The Glass Castle

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“The Glass Castle” was an interesting movie to watch especially in a clinical perspective, to say the least. There were several different social issues to be presented in this movie (Cretton 2017). These issues that Jeannette has to overcome are the medical problems, the horrid living conditions, homeliness, the witness of alcohol abuse of her father, the domestic violence, sexual abuse of her brother, lack of education and the hunger the whole family faced. Poverty is referred to as the lack to provide for one person’s basic needs like food, medical attention, shelter and clothing. This movie really shows the hardship that not only Jeannette faced, but the family endured. In the book Dimensions of Human Behavior, Hutchison describes …show more content…

She still if fearful of her parents when they are present in her life, but is trying to deal with the situation every time she meets with them. The impact that Jeannette had on the environment was the domestic violence and the alcoholism that she had bear witness to. She was resourceful in getting her dad to quit drinking for two months, but when he found out that his own mother sexually abused his son, the stress got to him and instead of going to the store to buy food for the family he used the money to get drunk.
Depression and poverty go hand and hand in this film. This family is faced with a parent that is an artist and another who cannot keep a job. Jeannette and her siblings are really faced with hunger only many occasions. Although Jeanette has faced many obstacles in life, somehow she has remained positive in the outlook on life. Many who go through similar situations use their less than underprivileged upbringings as excuses for why they remain unable to acquire adequate jobs or prosperous lives, but Walls avoids this completely. Even though her childhood proves rather rough, she realizes this does not prevent her from obtaining her goals. Brown wrote an article that details the effects of poverty stricken families that “depression could lead to poverty in some circumstances, poverty could lead to

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