Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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Social media is and has become a basic necessity in millions of people’s lives, these ranges from personal relationship, Jobs, education, and leisure you name it and it will be on social media. The earlier form of social media (Email, phone calls, postal letters) interconnected people in many formal and informal ways but failed to allow people to visualize their social networks. Today’s social media will allow and make the visual more realistic as people post their pictures ,thoughts and videos of current affairs in their lives. However this kind of networking poses a greater security risk than the picture painted on the different social site’s, the realistic represented by social media sounds and is a great idea, but put the information…show more content…
Smartphone users are estimated to be over 1.75 billion worldwide Sept 15 2014 (Pew research center) and social media being one of the most used Application via the devices, increases the vulnerability as Applications developers fail to include proper measures of security to protect the user 's privacy of data on those devices. Data is the key and the information we share can often answer security questions thus leading to a security breach. Research conducted by TrendMicro a security and antivirus company (2013) showed that the information that users share the most are; birthdays which was 63 percent of the general users, schools which was at 61 percent and 51 percent was for family members. Attackers will use general tactics to penetrate to any social network, there are hackers who are computer savvy, there main specialty is to write manipulating computer codes that will install on computers or phones to enable them to steal protected information. The most user challenge to date, is social engineering, it’s a real-time attack based on exploiting personal connections and manipulate people through social interactions.
Security firm and professionals, do a lot of background checks
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