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Can social media be ruining your life? Researchers say yes. According to researchers, social media can give mental disorders like OCD or ADHD, cause problems in your relationship, risks your privacy, lower self-esteem, cause physical health problems, and spread fake news like wild fires. These are only some reason why social media is bad for your mental and physical health. In the following paragraphs I will explain the reasons why i think social media is better left alone. The first reason social media is bad for you, is because of mental health. Social media can nurture short attention spans and cause you to lose focus at work or in school. Plus, like what Samantha Bensen said “The increase in social media use has led to the …show more content…

In general social media is not good for your health and can really damage it. The third reason is fake news. Fake news it’s its own problem, but social media amplifies it . You’ve heard about people making tons of money from facebook and even making companies from fake news, but it’s not only facebook all social media has a problem with it. When people see some fake news on twitter or facebook they don't bother to fact check they just assume it’s true, which is the real problem. But it gets worse people start sharing it and making gain traction till something that was fake becomes true. And its human nature to pass information that makes them angry so the worse and crazier a story sound, the more people will decided to share it and it starts another vicious cycle. I can't tell you a solution to this problem except don't trust news you get from social media. But there are a lot of people who think social media’s positives out way its negatives. But there wrong social media does have positives like learning new information from it socializing more with friends and spreading a positive message, but there is a flaw with every single one of their points. Like the one which says it says you can learn a lot of information from social media, but you don't know if the info your learning is actually correct. Or the people that say social media helps you socialize more with friends and family, but like what

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