Social Media 's Influence On Social Interactions With Friends, Family, And School Essay

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Introduction Social networking has increased the way children communicate and interact with peers, family members, and teachers. My son spent most of his time on a computer, phone, tablet, or television. A lot of his homework and research he does for school is done online. His relationship with many of his friends is through text, snap chat, facebook, or video games. His communication with our family is similar with the exception of a phone call once in a while to family overseas. The question that I am exploring is the following: How the information that my son obtains through social media does affects his social interactions with friends, family, and school? Methods and Procedures My plan to gather my research data is to observe my son at various days of the week, especially on the weekends. I asked him some information in conversations about the different social networks he was using, some of them being unfamiliar to me. I also ask my older son to explain the content of some of the vines they watched together all this data was collected in an unstructured way. I talked to him about my research paper advising him that I was going to observe him. I ask him questions about the social media he uses, at the beginning he was hesitant but I explained that the information was confidential and he will read my research paper before submitting it. My research at the beginning was to observe the different vines he watched on youtube. I asked him questions as he watched

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