Social Networking in Business and Human Resources

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Social Networking in Business and Human Resources Rebecca Moriarty Troy University Introduction to Information Systems IS 3300 XTIB Dr. Rodger Morrison February 27, 2011 With the growth and explosion of popularity of the internet in the recent past, there has been a significant increase in the use of social networking sites. More than ever people and businesses are now using the internet with the purpose of having access to social networking sites. It is in these sites that they are able to set up networks with their friends, co-workers and family from all over the world and be able to share their thoughts and ideas on virtually everything spanning from personal issues to work and business advertising. Social…show more content…
There are many different Internet policies in place by organizations as a result of inappropriate Internet use. In order for these policies to be communicated successfully to their employees they must be set out clearly and be very detailed in what usage is acceptable in what job functions and what Internet usage will not be tolerated. There must also be clear cut consequences as to what will happen in the event that inappropriate usage occurs. The best way to make sure that the employees use the internet in a manner that will not result to any wastage of company time is best done through publicizing of the policies (Nadel, 1987). Some organizations take the necessary actions to make sure that their employees do not abuse their access to the Internet by monitoring usage of their employees. IT departments utilize tracking software and other means of data monitoring to make sure that employees are not visiting unapproved websites and accessing information that does not pertain to company business. All employees should be aware that any conversations and Internet usage that they are engaging in can be monitored at any time and they may be subject to disciplinary action for these activities while on company time and using company resources. Personal conduct and social networking It is the job of a Human Resources department and its employees to be mindful of the personal conduct of their
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