Social Relationships In Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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Whether as children or as adults, we are constantly meeting new people and forming relationships; both good and bad. In Hosseini's The Kite Runner, we follow Amir as he develops in the changing world around him. One of the most influential aspects in his development is his friendship with Hassan. Although the boys have a lot in common, they are from variably different social backgrounds. The way that Amir goes about managing the social expectations presented by this relationship not only causes issues between the two of them, but also causes a negative “give and take” type of friendship. Despite this negative influence, Hassan continues to give his loyalty to Amir and follow his every move. The unhealthy relationship formed by Amir shows the power of a toxic friendship and gives explanation to Hassan’s unwavering obedience. One problem evident in their friendship is the fact that Hassan follows Amir without hesitation. In controlling relationships, one person normally leads while the other trails along (Zahiduzzamn). This is exactly what Amir has done with Hassan. By taking advantage of Hassan’s lower social standing, Amir is able to use his friend whenever it is convenient. He knows that Hassan will follow him without a second thought into any plans they have. When Ali reprimanded them after catching them shooting walnuts at the neighbor’s dog, Hassan mumbled and looked down at his feet, but never said that it was actually Amir’s plan (Hosseini 4). Hassan was willing to

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