Social Role In A Doll's House

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Nora always lives for her husband and family. She was very fond of her children. She owes money from her husband Torvald’s former employee, Krogstad, for Torvald’s health issue without his knowledge. After he comes to know about the Nora’s secret he treated her differently. She tried to make him understand but he used hurting words finally the protagonist of the play Nora decided to leave her home. She wanted to discover herself. So the play creates a great controversy when it was published. A Doll’s House explores a range of views on social roles, marriage, and identity. Nora is treated like a child by the other characters. Torvald calls her his “pet” and his “property” and this shows that she is not smart or responsible …show more content…

You are still a child in many ways. I am older than you, and have had more experience. I'll tell you something? You ought to get clear of all this with Dr. Rank.” said Mrs. Linde. She treated her as a child in the play. Torvald spends most of the time in his demesne: the public sphere. Even when he is at home he is usually working in his study. He seems to rarely spend time with his wife and children; at least there is no interaction between him and the children during the play. In fact when the children return from a walk with their nurse, he remakes that “the place will only be bearable for a mother now (Ibsen, A Doll’s House (Act I): 23) During the Victorian Era men’s roles are going to office, making money and taking important decision making and household chores for women. Nora ask Torvald to come and looks at what she has bought, his reply simply is: “Don’t disturb me” (Act I: 2) and after a while (apparently after finishing his work) he comes out. This shows that his main job as the man is to make money. When Nora explains that she had expected Torvald to take the blame for her crime, had also makes clear that his reputation is more important than his love for her when he says that “no man would sacrifice his honour for the one he loves” Torvald is portrayed as rational, imperious and to some degree even emotionally cold. He tells Nora to save money and forbids her from eating sweets in order not to ruin her teeth. …show more content…

You arranged everything according to your taste; and I got the same tastes as you; or I pretended to- I don't know which- both ways, perhaps; sometimes one and sometimes the other. When I look back on it now, I seem to have been living here like a beggar, from hand to mouth. I lived by performing tricks for you, Torvald. But you would have it so. You and father have done me a great wrong. It is your fault that my life has come to nothing.” (Act 3:109) Below these dialogues show she lives like a doll in her father’s home as well as husband’s house. These shows women were being in the Victorian Era.
“And you have always been so kind to me. But our house has been nothing but a play-room. Here I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I used to be papa's doll-child. And the children, in their turn, have been my dolls. I thought it fun when you played with me, just as the children did when I played with them. That has been our marriage, Torvald.” (Act

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