Social Security Act For Disabled And Elderly Population

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In August of 1935 the federal Government created the social security act to help the disabled and elderly population that could no longer work. Social security act was part of several acts that fell under the New Deal programs under President Franklin D. Roosevelt that helped get America through the Great Depression. “Social security is the largest US federal program and the most enduring legacy of the New Deal” (Beland 1). From February 3, 2015 to February 12, 2015 there have been 8 people convicted of social security fraud totaling over 690,000 dollars (Office of the Inspector General). Today the Office of the Inspector General for the SSA (social security administration) website list the many different categories that fall under social security fraud, but I will cover just a few of these. The first is where individuals continue to collect SSA payments after one of their parents passes away. Second are people who use a deceased person’s social security number to collect SSA payments. Third are people who make false claims saying they are injured and can no longer work or making false statements in a claim to make their injuries to be worse than they were. There are three ways this third group can fraud the SSA: this includes returning back to work without reporting it to SSA and still collecting payments; work at jobs that pay cash; or acquiring a fake social security number so they can return to work without alerting the SSA about their employment. These people are not

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