Social Security and Medicare Will Hang by a Thread

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People receiving Social Security and Medicare need to prepare for drastic changes. Social Security and Medicare in unity has been around since 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to help the elderly pay for expensive medical necessities from doctor visits to medicine. President Johnson knew that elderly individuals would have less income and pay more for medical necessities than younger individuals. He made Social Security and Medicare a number one priority during his presidency, not knowing years down the line doctors and pharmaceutical companies would try to squeeze the life out of it. Through the years doctors’ and pharmaceutical companies have become greedy. Doctors diagnose patients, prescribe medications, and send them to pharmaceutical companies that charge high prices for medications that help maintain their well-being. Although over half of our elderly individuals with Social Security and Medicare benefits are already struggling to accommodate their ends. Therefore a reform of both Social Security and Medicare needs to take place before it is too late. Social Security and Medicare funding will be the most important problem that America will face in the coming decade. America is fortunate to have benefits available to help retirees, the disabled, survivors, and dependents. The benefits are made up of taxes taken from the working class people and distributed by a circulation of calculations. In Joseph and Dorothy Matthews book Social Security, Medicare &

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