Social Studies : Gender, Culture And Society

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School of Applied Social Studies SS1016 – Gender, Culture and Society BA (HONS) Applied Social Sciences Year 1 – Semester 2 Gender, Culture and Society Feminism 1407117 Gender, Culture and Society Word Count: Lucia Ruggerrone SS1016 7
. Waves of feminism: please critically discuss their standpoints and evaluate their contribution to women’s emancipation. Feminism can simply be defined as a range of movements and ideologies in which share a common ground in terms of defining, establishing and achieving equal opportunities to that of males, in regards to economic, cultural and social rights. It is a critique of male supremacy with efforts in changing this to end the social oppression of women. (Hooks, 2000). The first wave of feminism is more commonly known as the women’s liberation or women’s suffrage movement. First wave feminist’s main concern was in political power especially in terms of the right to vote, having a voice. They believed that changes within society could be made gradually within society to achieve equality rather than having to demolish the way things were and reconstruct them. (Mm.Jasper, 2015) Suffrage in context began with the middle and upper class woman both working and gaining the right to vote which began in the Seneca Falls convention in which was held in Seneca Falls, New York in the year of 1920. This group was driven mainly by white women driven who upheld limitations to one side to vote in view of race and property proprietorship. (Banks, 1987).

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