Socialism And Communism Vs. Nationalism

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Paper 1 Socialism and communism ideologies became popular in Southeast Asia and other parts of the colonial world because they acted like an ideology of removing colonialism and putting the power back into the hands of the citizens. This is due to the core battle of capitalism vs nationalism, which could be shown from the bureaucratic view that professor Culliane, where the bureaucrats who control the Means of Production (MOP) (lecture, 1/26). For example, Ho Chi Minh wanted to get Vietnam out of French colonialism because they were getting taxed very hard, which could have increased especially due to the necessities needed when the European markets, like France, Germany, Czecho-Slovakia, were struggling during the end of WWII (Leffer, 68). Therefore, if Vietnam could get out of colonialism rule they could become their individual nation without having strict rules imposed on them, even if it meant losing the ease of protection or aspects of modern industrialism (lecture, 1/26). Therefore, a new ideology needed to be put into play, and many of the revolutionary leaders found great interests in Lenin’s beliefs and communism, in general. The reasons being is because it was almost an opposite of what was happening to them, and it focused more on having the working class come into power for the country, which was a majority of the people on the side of people like Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong during their revolutions. The combination of removing colonialism and regaining a sense

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