Society In The Giver Society

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Is you glad that you're in a society like this , if so why do you like the society that your in ? In a novel called “The Giver” there society is way worse than ours .You better be glad that you're in this society , and not there’s . Our society could be better but The giver society is worse.

Would you like for everybody to have the same society as you ? Well in the book called The Giver they , have children , laws , and jobs things we have but everything not the same as our society . Everybody have to follow laws of course , not everybody need a job everybody want a job . When everybody hit 12 in their society they earn a job . In our society when everybody hit 16 they don’t need a job they want a job . So in the Giver they earn their jobs a little earlier than our society . Everybody have to follow the laws no matter where you at , what you doing you must follow them and the laws is the same wherever you go . And about the children not everybody want are need children but in our society everybody want children . But in The Giver society the mom’s can only have two children and then they assign you children . In our society you can have how many kids you want . But in The Giver society they only could have two kids because of some called hunger . And one more thing and that’s about the color Joanas the main character in the story. He could have only seen black and white , he had to earn to see color like red , blue , and yellow he had to earn that . And
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