Society 's Perception Of Beauty

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Beauty is a socially constructed perception regarding what is seen as attractive or not. Our perception of beauty, as stated previously, is a social construct, meaning that it is made through society and the people who are part of it. In our society today, our perception of beauty is shaped primarily through the media, since the media portrays specific standards of beauty that people feel they must follow. Although the media is perceived to portray beauty across different races and ages, society’s perception of beauty is skewed towards a specific and established standard due to its misrepresentations. This causes those specific groups to feel obligated to follow this standard of beauty rather than following a more diverse path. Therefore, our social construct of beauty is shaped through media’s biased portrayals of different races and ages, since it is apparent that the media does not provide a realistic view of those groups in society. Society today holds beauty as a pivotal role in our lives. Many people believe that, through a high perception of one’s own beauty, one’s self-esteem is increased. Society holds this ideal that, by perceiving yourself as beautiful or attractive, your self-esteem will increase due to your own high perception of yourself. However, as society progressed, people have stopped believing in this ideology and, rather than of holding a high perception of yourself, now follow different methods and practices to attain beauty. It is prevalent…
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