Socioeconomic Class In Modern Society

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Social class plays a gargantuan role in modern society. Being born into an affluent family or an impoverished one can incredibly impact the outcome of a person’s future. Being born with a silver spoon leads to incredible advantages, simply because most parents want their children to succeed, live a fulfilling life, and surpass their parents’ accomplishments. Being born into poverty can lead to a poor education and even poorer life choices. However, breaking the mold and defying expectations is not uncommon in a modern society. Socioeconomic class is undeniably influential; however, hard work or a lack of it is the determining factor of a person’s success in life. The Drive By Truckers’ song “Puttin’ People on the Moon” is the tale of a man who suffers through many devastating hardships. At one point, the man loses his job and turns to crime to make a living, he says “I took to runnin’ numbers for this man I used to know / And I sell a few narcotics and I sell a little blow / I ain’t getting rich now but I’m getting more than by.” At this time the man has not given up his hope yet, he still tries to provide for his family by doing whatever work he can. His socioeconomic class put him in a difficult position, to get past this he must work hard to do well at this or another thing to claim a prosperous future. Not much after this, the man contemplates whether anyone from the outside world cares about his situation. The man contemplates, “If I died in Colbert County, would it
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