Sociological Changes In My Family

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My family could describe our life as a major sociological change throughout the years that Justin, Dakota, Eryn, and myself have went through with my parents. Not only can my siblings and I see a change in social class and the way my family can socialize, my parents can probably see that they are the reason why my family is the way we are now. My father and his girlfriend had my sister when they were seniors in high school, technically making Eryn my half-sister. The same situation happened with my mother. However, she had Justin when she was 20 years old. Even though Eryn and Justin were born with a different mother and a different father, I still consider them my brother and sister. My only full-blooded brother is Dakota. I am nine years apart from Eryn, seven years apart from Justin, and three years apart from Dakota. My father, due to his situation was not able to go college right out of high school. After he found out that he was going to have a daughter, he joined the army national guard. While being in the military part-time and working at a factory, he was able to keep himself in the “working-poor” (Ferris and Stein 185) class. He and the mother of Eryn split up before the mother even had Eryn. This effected my father because he now had to pay child support. My mother’s situation was way worse. She had Justin and then got out of the relationship with his father due to an abusive relationship. She worked at a factory also, but made a very small wage starting out at

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