Sociological Imagination On A Micro Or Macro Scale

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Sociological imagination is the study of society on a micro or macro scale. The term was first used by an American sociologist C. wright mills (1916-1962). This unique quality of thinking allows a person or a group to think or feel about society in general around us or in relation to a larger group to emphasize the connection between personal and structural (group) issues or trends. In other words, a sociologist tries to understand why things are the way they are. Sociological imagination is the ability of thinking with a different perspective on a normal routine. It makes a connection or a relationship of the experience and social influence between an individual or larger group(s) within a small or large community. The 19th century is a revolutionary century of science and technology, inventions which have brought the whole world together through transportation, internet, media and so on. These developments have some draw backs, but it has also brought some benefits to lives as well and have changed the ways people live their every day. For example, genetically engineered food has brought a vast variety of food to the tables. This abundance has, ironically, made many people obese or overweight. Thus, a new concept of popular gym or recreation center memberships has merged into almost everyone’s social lives. Collectively, recreation centers or gyms have had an impact upon several collective lives, effecting our sociological imagination. As an example, a whole new

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