Socoial Class Division During the Industrial Revolution

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Social Class Division during the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was a time throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in which primarily agriculture based societies in the countries of America and Europe began to implicate industrialized and urban practices. Many rituals that would usually be done at the home of landowners using animal or manpower, was now being moved into factories and being done with mechanically engineered machinery. While there were many radical social changes made during the revolution, it also led to a time of division amongst the social classes. Although all of the classes were affected by the revolution more was taken from the lower class than was gained by the middle and upper classes. The …show more content…

However the “working class” was not lowest class during the industrial revolution, they at least were represented by the unions and aloud to participate in the AFL. All of this promoted social inequality by treating this “working class” as slaves. The higher classes knew that they could get away with this because the newly built factories forced the common workingman off of his farm and into the factory. What one

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