Socrates Essay

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the life of Socrates.
Central Idea: I plan on telling the audience what Philosophy is, who Socrates was, and the methods he used in teaching his philosophy.
Attention Getter: "The unexamined life is not worth living." This is the most famous quote of the most popular philosopher of all time: Socrates.
Reveal Topic: I plan on telling you what philosophy is and how Socrates viewed philosophy.
Credibility: I am able to speak on this topic because I have taken a philosophy course, and I have done extensive research in to Socrates life.
Central Idea: I plan …show more content…

G. He believed that he received a calling to pursue philosophy and thought the way he could serve his country would be by teaching and getting the Athenians to engage in self-examination to find their souls.
H. He believed the only way to achieve a perfectly happy life would be to seek and bring out the insights and values of people.

(Connective: Now let's see how he prodded all of those minds.)
III. Socrates's thoughts and teachings.
A. The oracle of Delphi was said to have proclaimed Socrates the wisest man for admitting he knew nothing.
B. He liked to play ignorant.
C. He would usually walk into the marketplace of Athens and speak to whatever group was standing their, someone you wanted to be interrogated, or just anyone who would listen to him. He often annoyed many people.
D. His main goal was to prove that a person who thought they were very knowledgeable about a subject, even claiming to know everything about it, did, in actuality, know anything.
E. He did this by first engaging in a conversation that the person though they knew a lot about. They would tell Socrates everything they knew. However, Socrates would be constantly looking for inconsistencies in the conversation. All of his dialogs would be just

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