Socratic Seminar Questions : Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Socratic Seminar Questions-due 12/3 on AND on paper in class on 12/4.
***NOTE: These questions are a formal writing assignment. Your responses MUST be typed, MUST be in your hand on the day of the seminar, and MUST include full paragraphs and specific references to the text, including page numbers, in order to receive credit. The responses will not be accepted late, and students who show up without a printed copy of their answers will receive a zero for both the written grade and for the discussion. Each answer should be AT LEAST one full paragraph, and some may be longer.

In the novel, Golding creates the idea that the boys are unable to create a workable society, and instead descend into violence and a complete lack of control. In some way, each of the main characters contribute to this fall. Consider the ways Ralph, Piggy, Roger, Jack, Simon, and Samneric are responsible for the story’s outcome, and place them on a spectrum from most responsible to least responsible. For each character, provide a brief explanation of why they belong where you have placed them. Please provide specific examples to support your answers. On my list from least to greatest I believe Simon did the least amount of effect on this chaos. Simon was very peaceful throughout the story. Next I have Piggy, he was actually very fair but he did pset Jack which is part of the chaos. Next I have Samneric, they were both in support of Jack and helped the chaos increase. After

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