Solomon Northup Paper

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Solomon Northup Paper Briana Barrett-Riddle 2/9/15 Reading the content in this book made me get a picture of what it was like to be a colored person in this time. My eyes were opened to the meaning of the word “nigga”. Nigga is such a derogatory term, yet now-a-days it is used by people so much. Kids in this generation use it as a term of endearment when they see their friends, or they say it when they are shocked by something. Frankly, I don’t believe they know how serious it really is. The fact that white people could look at a person and see less than a human being when they did nothing wrong distresses me. They (white people) treated them as if they were property and below them. Even though we don’t have racism to this extent…show more content…
Solomon was without work and needed to find a job to help support his family. He is over the moon excited when he finds out that the job he took was not the job he signed up for. He was drugged, kidnapped, and held as a slave. The way that it was spoken about when he first got there made you understand that people turning slaves in by tricking them was not unheard of. Brown and Hamilton promised Northup he would meet the circus in New York City, they promised he’d meet the circus in Washington D.C., they promised him high wages, they promised a quick departure from Washington D.C., then “postponed” it, forcing Northup to stay longer than planned in slave territory. These were all lies told. They even sat there and promised him safety in slave territory, but when he was drugged and Brown and Hamilton disappeared leaving him behind. He was a free man, rules are rules, and he should not have been taken. This however shows you that people don’t always play by the rules. However, it was very abrupt of him at the same time. He needed money to support his family and because of that he didn’t really look as deep into the job proposition as he could have. Perseverance and power of the human spirit is another theme that shows up when you are reading this book. Solomon endured so much that he did not want to. At one point in the book, he was forced to whip a fellow slave in front of others. He says in the book, 2“Ten years I toiled for that
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