Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis

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I have what I believe to be a viable solution to the foreclosure crisis. I am almost certain that, if implemented, it would work. We need social services reform. I hesitate to say this, because it may come off as sounding too radical, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Simply put, if something fails, we must look at the overall picture and see what may be wrong—we need to troubleshoot the system. To me, and hopefully to most Americans with any interest in the future of our nation, it is obvious that all is not well. Looking at our society and our government from a somewhat macro- standpoint, what I see is many areas of inefficient and misguided allocation of social service funding. In the recent past, in better times, during…show more content…
Then they probably move on to another school. This is outrageous and incredibly costly for taxpayers since it can be assumed that it happens all the time, nationwide. Many will even take out Stafford loans for extra money and default on them, which adds to problems for the banks. The scary part is that it can happen indefinitely. Cracking down on this problem would quickly free up a lot of money that could be redirected to a social service that would assist homeowners facing foreclosure.
I think that the Pell Grant should become more difficult to get, along the lines of a scholarship (not quite THAT difficult). I propose that the government should not give financial aid based solely on financial need. First a student should demonstrate financial need, as the system works now. That student should not automatically become eligible. The government should provide a few options for ways that the student can achieve eligibility. I have a couple ideas for this. Option 1 would be for a student to take an entrance aptitude test to qualify for financial aid. Higher scorers are more likely to succeed as students, and frankly, more intelligent people are more likely to see the advantage of receiving a college education and to stick with it as a legitimate student. They are less likely to be in it just for the refund check. It also adds an extra hoop to jump through, so to speak, so
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