Some People Smoke On Account They Are Stressed, Others

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Some people smoke on account they are stressed, others smoke being it is a habit, and still others smoke for the sake they think that it is chic. However, smoking will never be chic as it causes additions that seem impossible to break. Smoking causes premature aging from the heat of the cigarette. While every time a cigarette is smoked the skin is aging faster than natural, also virtually every organ in the body including the heart, lungs, and skin is being harmed. While every person on this planet can tell you that you shouldn’t smoke, the choice is up to you, you have the ultimate decision whether or not you want to do irreversible damage to your body.

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Again, every cigarette makes it troublesome to quit, and with each and every cigarette the body loses control of the brain with the things that are craved.

Have you ever heard of the song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes? There is a chorus in the song that says “eyes, and, ears, and, mouth, and nose,” and that goes along perfectly with the effects that happen from the neck up. Smoking causes the eyes to physically change form, making it difficult to see. Smoking causes hearing loss by virtue of the lack of oxygen in the blood, your body naturally tries to heal itself and by doing that it takes the oxygen going to the ears and puts it elsewhere. For the nose (as stated earlier) the lining is damaged, making it difficult to breathe, and lastly, mouth. So many problems from smoking stem from the mouth, as a result of that’s where the smoke is hitting first. Some of the lesser variables, in the mouth, that smoking can cause would be cavities, mouth sores and dry or itchy throat. On the other hand, the more serious problems include cancers of the mouth and gum disease. There are numerous problems that a smoker can face just from their neck up, most the problems stated are not life threatening, however as the smoke progresses to other parts of the body the effects of smoking become detrimental to the health of the person.

Without the heart the body could not function

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