Some Thoughts About Art America And Jumping Off The Cliff Analysis

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In the article titled, “Some Thoughts About Art, America, and Jumping Off the Cliff” by Meredith Monk, she discusses the meaning of the arts in different cultures, as well as how its roles have changed. Her purpose is to discuss the importance of the arts in society. She expresses that she feels the arts have become more of a commodity in modern culture, rather than part of an average person’s way of life. Monk then begins to compare the United States to the rest of the world in terms of involvement in the arts, stating she is “always struck” when she comes back to America by the “marginal concern” for the arts. She speculates that the reason one might have for not pursuing the arts is that they are afraid to follow what they’d like to follow instead of the guidelines that society lays out. Then she moves into a call to action against cutting the NEA, stating: “To abolish the NEA would be an act of utter ignorance and destruction,” and finally reiterates the roles and importance of arts in society. The text was written in 1990, during a discussion about the funding of the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts). Overall, her argument is weakened by language that separates her from her audience. In paragraph 5, Monk discusses possibilities as to why people may or may not be open to the arts. She discusses her experiences with music, how she connects to each piece, and how she keeps every playthrough fresh. Then, she attempts to broaden these statements to relate them to an

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