Something Wicked This Way Comes Literary Analysis

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One in twenty people do not worry about growing old. It is time to let go and remember, that this is the only life I get to live. Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Art of Resilience, and The Third and Final Continent all render minutiae on the three declarations that will be specified. Firstly, characterization, helps to develop the plot of each story and contribute to the moral. Secondly, facts and detailed information contributes by bringing content to the passages. Lastly, in all three literary devices, there is a similar reoccurring motif. The main moral portrayed in the three pieces of literature is that the ability to grow gives a person the aptitude to change; but if they withhold from change, there could be unwanted consequences. …show more content…

Characterization gives a reader insight into the way the characters think and act. The novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes contains many important characters, but one that frequently gives guidance to the reader and the characters, this man’s name is Charles Halloway. Charles Halloway said “Too late, I found that you can’t wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.” No one is perfect, but everyone can change and grow to become better than they originally were. The same is true when it comes to family, a person does not need to follow their path; they can create their own. Reason for the article The Art of Resilience is the ability for a person to recover readily from adversity, and to achieve a higher standard of growth. “Some evidence shows that it’s not really until adulthood that people begin to surmount the difficulties of childhood,” states the article The Art of Resilience. A person can begin to develop and transform at any time. In conclusion, the characterization of both story and article helps to add reasoning to the overall moral. Facts and details are needed to create the bulk of a paragraph as well as reveal the

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