Song Analysis: Pent House Cloud

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I have chosen a song entitled “Pent house Cloud” sung by the band “The Internet” which was released in 2015. Based on the lyrics, I have found a lot of significant foregrounding included in the song using the technique of parallelism and deviation.
First of all, the parallelism shown from the lyrics can be divided into 3 parts which are repetition, phonological and syntactic/grammatical aspects. The repetition that can be seen is in the verse; “It’s a war outside // It’s a war outside // It’s a war outside” which is repeated for 3 times. Next, for the phonological aspect, there are many rhythmic verses from the song which are; 1) Father who art in heaven // Is this how you saw it when you made your creation? [n]. 2) And the sky turns white // And the days turn night [t] 3) Or maybe we’ll find paradise in the sky // When we die [ai]. For the assonance; 1) This is what you’ve started, it’s your creation [ə] 2) White, night, outside [ai]. In term of alliteration and consonance, it is in the verse “Smoke-filled skies [s] and ____ respectively. There are many verses that contain the syntactic/grammar parallelism which are; 1) Is this how you saw it when you made …show more content…

The phonological deviation from the lyrics of the verse “I’ll fight ’til..” which used the omission of initial part of the vowel called ‘aphesis’. For the semantic, I chose the verse “Or maybe we’ll find paradise in the sky” because the sentence is absurd to the mind of the listener as it is a matter of unseen world where the place of paradise cannot be found literally in the sky. The most significant features that stand out the most are the verses that are repeated thrice in the lyrics; “It’s a war outside” and “when we die” in term of parallelism. For deviation, they are the ones that contain question marks which being emphasized by the singer to make the listener of the song focuses more on the issue from the theoretical

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