Sonnet 130:- Literary Devices

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4. WHAT LITERARY DEVICES ARE USED BY SHAKESPEARE TO PUT FORTH HIS IDEAS IN SONNET-130? IS HE COMPLETELY ANTI-PETRARCHAN? [16] 1st part The language spoken and written of great romances is often poetic, passionate, and filled with metaphors of beauty and devotion. In short, the language of love is the language of exaggeration. William Shakespeare ‘s most powerful description of love is when he satirizes this method of writing and in so doing instead claims that honesty and sincerity are the greatest literary devices when speaking the language of love. Shakespeare's sonnet number 130 demonstrates this. This sonnet hooks the reader from the very outset while maintaining sonnet structure and using literary devices as a source of…show more content…
By Shakespeare's time, the courtly love and Petrarchan traditions with all the blazoning and use of hyperbole had become the targets of satire. This sonnet by Shakespeare and Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress stand out as the best known examples of anti-Petrarchanism in English
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