Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 75

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Amoretti : Sonnet 75 This poem is written in beginning modern English. Edmund Spenser uses some dutch words in his poem, like strand (now: beach). Here we have somebody who writes the name of the person he loves on the beach, because he wants the world to know he's in love. It's not clever because when the tide comes, the waves will wash it away. In poetry they use metaphor. An example : “you are like a red rose”, a red rose is a metaphor for beauty. Line 1-2: ‘’One day I wrote her name upon the strand, but came the waves and washed it away.’’ The speaker and his love are at the beach (strand) and the speaker is in a romantic mood, because he writes her name in the sand. The waves wash the name away. Line 3: “Again I…show more content…
She is more beautiful and more temperate than a summer´s day. Line 3: “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,” The darling buds symbolize the beginning of his love for her. The buds still have to develop into beautiful flowers, just like their love. It´s the beginning of summer, her beauty and his love. The rough winds symbolize the rough start of their love. Line 4: “And summer´s lease hath all too short a date:” He says summer is far too short, because in summer the flowers will bloom. If he compares her to a flower she´ll bloom in summer and die after summer, as will her love. It doesn´t last long enough for him. His love for her will continue and he doesn´t want her to go. Line 5: “Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,” The eye of heaven is the sun, which sometimes is too hot. Summer isn´t steady like her art, like she is. Summer changes. “the eye of heaven” could also stand for God´s eye which brings sunshine on earth. He watches over everybody, like the sunshine shines on everybody. With this metaphor he involves his religion in the poem. Line 6: “And often is his gold complexion dimmed:” The sun sometimes disappears behind the clouds, his gold complexion is dimmed by the clouds. His sunbeams aren´t as strong as when there are no clouds. This could be a metaphor for their love. Their love isn´t as strong as always, just like the sunbeams. Line 7: “And every fair from fair sometimes
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