South Africa 's Location Of The Continent Of Africa

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South Africa is a located at the very bottom of the continent of Africa. It is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean by the West and South and the Indian Ocean to the East. To the North it boarders Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland. One interesting thing is that there is a landlocked, surrounded on all sides by land, country of Lesotho. This is evident by Map 1, shown below, that shows South Africa in the red box and the darker brown country within South Africa being Lesotho. Which still remains true today, Lesotho is still its own country with an unsettled relationship with South Africa. Map 1: South Africa’s location on Africa (South Africa, 2015) The country has a very long history from our great ancestors to the extremely wide variety of wild and unique animals. However, this land has been under quite a bit of bloodshed and insatiability. From its days of slave trade, British control and the bloody revolutions these people have been through, it has shaped the country as a whole. The one thing that seems to have impacted the development of the country has been the issue of disease and the mortality rate of woman and children. One thing that could be done to greatly reduce these issues would be to invest more in the sanitation of the available water resources. This issue has been in progress of being improved but is lagging behind due to the decolonization of the country. During negotiations with the African National Congress, “the South

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