South Dakota State Penitentiary At The University Of Sioux Falls

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March 29, 1998 was just another typical day for headline news in Sioux Falls. The Argus Leader was filled with your everyday politics, sports, entertainment, weather, and life news. Eight inmates serving life sentence in the South Dakota State Penitentiary met to discuss better living conditions for all prisoners (Steen). On a more positive note, the annual Sioux Empire water festival was held at the University of Sioux Falls. Around 2,200 fourth graders, from surrounding communities, gather to learn more about the abundance of their natural resources, and how to preserve them. Thirty booths were set up at the site displaying how to make snow, how to snorkel, and how to make bubbles the size of humans (Olson). As far as youth sports, nothing was more popular than the tri-state basketball tournament held every year in Sioux Falls. The event attracted over 2,900 athletes as well 289 teams (“Tri-State Crowns 30 Champions 5C”). While these events happened in our area more headline news caught the eye of South Dakota citizens. Senator Tom Daschle proposed a bill that had the potential to lead to the development of more wetlands in South Dakota. The bill offered tax credits to farmers who preserved wetlands not enrolled in the Conservation reserve program or wetland reserve program (Olson). With the Winter of 1997-1998 being so short schools, banks, city crews, and churches were able to catch up on their budgets. Schools didn 't have to call off any days, city crews

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