Space Exploration : The Space Program Essay

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The Space Race sparked an era of ingenuity and technological advancement that no one had seen before the Cold War. Once Russia launched Sputnik (“traveler” in Russian), the world’s first man made satellite, on October 4th, 1957 the race was on. The race also lead to several advancements in technology and education because of increased funding to make sure America got ahead of Russia. Many of these technologies are used today and many don’t know they are a result of the space program. From LEDs to freeze dried food, the space program continues to spin-off its innovations into consumer goods. The space program has been one of the most innovative programs to have been created and if it weren’t for the amazing feats of both engineering by scientists and bravery made the astronauts, we would have lost the space race and surely would not be where we are today with space exploration.
The Space Race itself started as soon as Russia launched the first man made satellite in 1957 and was a clear sign to the American government that it was in danger. This is because Russia had not only shown that it has the technology to launch a satellite into space and have it successfully orbit the Earth but that it was surely capable of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile and have it hit anywhere on Earth. This terrified the US government and with this, the Space Race had begun. America was already losing once Sputnik was launched and the gap was widened by Russia when they put a dog

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