Spartan Warrior

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Spartans, the warriors of Sparta, are most legendary warriors during the classical age. Spartans only had one profession of being a full-time soldier because that is their path and their life. Spartans do not involve themselves with any manual work because that is the job for Helot. The word ‘Spartan’ can be defined as someone who is a person of great courage and self-discipline. When people mention Spartans, the key event and idea that comes to mind is the Battle of Thermopylae and the movie film “300.” The movie depicts Spartans as elite warriors, who are the perfect example of what a warrior should be. Between 600 BC to 300 BC, Spartans were the most fearsome military power in the Greek world. According to Thucydides, during Classical Age, it was common knowledge that “One single Spartan was equal to several men of any state because Spartan would never surrender their weapon for any reason, even if it is pain, death, or hunger.” The exemplary warriors were created due to the methods and structures implemented by the Spartan law maker, Lycurgus. Lycurgus saw that in order to be the perfect human specimen in Sparta, one must become a warrior. Thus, to create the perfect human being, he reformed a way to improve the people of Sparta through hereditary, public system, and military reformation.
According to Xenophon, who is an extreme admirer of Sparta, “Sparta was noted for being the smallest and strongest city-state.” This was possible due to the influence of Lycurgus.

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