Special Education Observation

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This semester I visited the Reach Academy in West Harrison, New York. My experience observing gave me incredible insight into the world of special education. The Reach Academy is a residential treatment facility. Many of these students did not work well in the inclusive classroom setting. The school features students with various different disabilities, including autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and speech and communication disabilities. During my fieldwork I observed two social studies special education classroom. I observed an American History class and a global history class. The first class I visited was a 12th grade American history class. The students planned to graduate this coming June and were also preparing to take the Regents exams. The class included one special education teacher and one teacher's assistant. Some students in the class had their own aide. The class consisted of 7 students including students with autism and emotional and behavior disorders. The lesson was on the the Declaration of Independence. The start of the lesson included the objective of the lesson, which was for students to identify the key points of the Declaration of Independence. The teacher greeted the class and turned their attention to the board. The board included a quote about independence. The teacher asked the students to read the quote and answer the following questions, Does this quote support independence? What reasons does he give to support his decision? What

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