Speech About Birthdays

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Do you ever think to yourself that some of you birthdays are more valuable than others? Personally, I happen to thinks some of my birthdays aren’t as fun as when I was six years old. Currently I am eighteen years old and as the years have gone I’ve realized how different things have been. I must say I don’t remember all of my birthdays from when I was a kid, although I do remember a few of them. When I was five I had a birthday party and my mom hired a clown. I guess the lady was very friendly she handed out prizes and played with the children. It was like having a sister for the first time. Although I have to say I’m not a big fan of clowns, this woman made my fifth birthday party an outstanding time! Her name was Betty, and clown Betty had paint with her, so she painted all the children’s faces. I believe she had painted a pink butterfly on my face and my father had painted his face as Spider Man. I also recall playing many games, it just happened to be musical chairs that I won on. For my prize I had to pick out of a huge surprise box, I was very happy with my prize I had won myself a Snow White game for my Gameboy. Some of the girls got a bit jealous and would say that the clown would only let me win because it was my birthday. In my opinion I think they were just upset that I had won and they didn’t. I also remember turning six, my mom and dad had taken me to Disney for the very first time. I was extremely excited to meet Cinderella and all the other characters

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