Speech In Favor Capital Punishment

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Speech In Favour Of Capital Punishment Capital Punishment is the lawful infliction of death and has been used in Britain since the 5the century. It was not until 1964 that capital punishment was abolished and this has been described by many historians as Britain's worst decision in over 500 years. Along with these Historians, I also believe that our country was much better off with the death penalty as a punishment for sick and twisted people, murderers, rapists and peadophiles. Did you know for instance that in 2003 there were 1048 murders and 172 attributed to one man. . . Harold Shipman. Compare this to 1963 when the death penalty was used as an active deterant to murder, how many? 300. Three hundred murders compared to…show more content…
I hate to bore you with the statistics again but it is true that the threat of a hard punishment is enough to scare without having to carry it out. In the Isle of Man, there was a punishment up until 1975 called birching, a public beating for any crime. The crime rate in the isle of man for 17 years in a row? Less than 2%. A few minor crimes in 17 years. Birching was abolished and now the crime rate in the Isle of Man is sky high, just like the rest of the UK. Proof that if the punishment is severe enough, there wont be a crime to start with. So will Britain ever restore capital punishment? In a survey of 2000 UK residents 72% would like it re instated. Despite what the government tells us we live in a society of ever rising serious crime and wether we like it or not, something needs to be done. And harder sentencing is not enough. We need a real deterrent, Capital Punishment is the answer to our prayers. Hanging was my family's business for over 14 years and we were honored to protect our country and perhaps in advertantly save lives. I know for a fact that if hanging was re- instated as the quick and painless punishment to kill, i would gladly pull the lever. I am as sure as I can be that capital punishment is the answer. The mandatory life sentence is just not enough. It fails, in my view to distinguish between really awful crimes and those crimes, whilst still murder, are more understandable. Ask yourself, is it right that a serial rapist
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