Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech is a concept that modern society is founded on. However, there has been much debate on how far should we go to protect freedom of speech. Some say that this freedom is essential and should have very few limits. Whereas others contend that there should be further restrictions put on this freedom to create a better, more inclusive society. This leads to the issue of “No Platforming”. Should speakers be allowed a platform no matter what their views are? Or should we carefully vet who is chosen to be put up on this platform?
Why Should We “No Platform” Speakers? The speakers that advocate for the practice of “No Platforming”, argue that the right to free speech is not equivalent to the right to a platform. The speakers contest that a platform is an elevation and that it is important to choose wisely who is elevated. Therefore, by “No Platforming” speakers which are racist, fascist, transphobic etc. it ensures that these individuals and the opinions that they hold are not validated. Barnaby further makes the distinction between what is free speech and what is worthy of a platform when he says, “There is a distinction between what you can say, freedom of speech and what you should say, what we should provide with a platform to say… The old example is farting in a lift. They should have the right to do so, it doesn’t mean we should encourage everyone else to do it.” (Free Speech Debate, 2016) Overall the argument coming from the side advocating for the practice

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