Speech On Outsiders

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Would anyone legitimately want to be told they’re an Outsider? Certainly not! Therefore, you should never call someone out by telling them they’re an Outsider. Don’t exclude peers that are different. No one wants to be an Outsider. Being an Outsider can mean that you have a harsh life, may be excluded for no sterling logic, in other words your peers are making you feel insecure. It explains that many people stand out, furthermore, they’re treated crudely by their peers. Outsiders should be encouraged to do what they see finest, not mistreated the way they are because they’re one of a kind. Peers can hurt your feelings extremely by telling you you’re different. When the Greasers were called “Greases” by their peers( Someone will come by and scream “Greaser!” at them, which doesn’t make you feel too hot ⁽⁴⁾) it didn’t feel great to hear those words come out of others mouths. So, if you are being mistreated along with considering you may be an Outsider remember these teen. Life is rough, not just for you for everyone. Greasers were the gang of which everyone knew. Greasers were all Outsiders in this book. Baggy clothes, long hair, also getting into fights quite often, this gang of teen boys stuck out like a sore thumb. Greasers were kicked around, picked on, as well as jumped by Socs. But that’s not to say they never did anything back. Always excluded from Soc groups, treated poorly, the Greasers rebelled while Johnny Cade killed a guy.Outsiders were only included in groups of

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