Speech On Tolerance

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly”. Throughout life we are told to be respectful and keep our mouths shut. In today’s society, there’s always the uncertainty of how people should deal with problems. During certain situations, tolerance is not always the right way to find a solution to a problem. There are often other ways to come to a compromise. To begin with, tolerance can be portrayed as weakness and people will take advantage of others. When Elie and his father were taken away to a concentration camp, his father made the mistake of asking where the toilets were. The gypsy that was in charge of the group treated the father as if he had no soul and “slapped [him] with such force that he fell down and then crawled back to his place on all fours” (Wiesel 39). Elie’s father was frightened and did not stand up for himself, he frantically tried to escape. The leaders saw the brawl and concluded that he was a pathetic individual and concluded that they could treat him however. Later on, his father obtained the reputation of being a weak individual which, led to him being beat up more than most of the inmates. If he would not have crawled away as if he was fragile and showed strength to stand up, the Nazi’s would have a more difficult time taking advantage of him. Even though he couldn’t help if he was slapped, tolerating the beating and escaping into the corner showed his weakness to
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