Spina Brifida Essay

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Spina Bifida Spina Bifida is a very serious and unpredictable disease it affects many people their are numerous of symptoms that come with this disease it's growing worldwide which is an problem. This disease is a growing problem it's becoming a big problem because scientist are still trying to find a cure and leads to this disease and why is it affecting so many people it's growing rapidly. So far scientist have found no real lead to how this disease form or is even affecting people but, their are so many things that can contribute to Spina Bifida. Genetic factors within parent ,grandparent and even past relatives may cause some risk factors for children to get this disease before birth(Spina Bifida Magill's). Also, when children are …show more content…

For example, many people may experience uncontrollable bladders and frequent bath trip use and a stomach virus (Spina Bifida Symptoms). Also, their bowel may malfunction and it hurt the stomach region of the body causing pain and discomfort which makes it hard to use it sometimes(Spina Bifida Symptoms). This shows how these symptoms are getting worse and more physically affected. Patients may also have a loss in many sensations such as their hearing ,seeing may be difficult and tasting which is very impost to a person(Spina Bifida Facts). Depending on the type of Spina Bifida and how serious it becomes it may paralyze some patients(Spina Bifida Facts). These things shouldn't be ignored their importance to people's lives and doctors know that their should be things done to help fix it . Its many symptoms this disease can cause do to the that their are no real leads to how it can formed in a person but they are also not to life threatening situations . Many people are affected by this but teens are the ones who are worst at finding out this news. Some parents keep their children home schooled because of the fear their child being rejected by others because of this disease(Teen Health). It makes it hard for teens to be socially involved with other their ages and do most things teens do like parties, and movies, going out with friends things like that which most teens do (Teen Health). This is making it hard for them to have a good social life and experience new things which is important for development doing and trying new things. Another important thing about teens is teen pregnancy which is rapidly growing and it's a major risk cause most teens are not responsible enough to have a child(Teen Health). Treatment and education how proper way to take care of yourself and your baby to keep a healthy child with no problems(Teen Health). Many

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