Spirit Healing Native American Magic And Medicine Summary

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In the book “Spirit Healing Native American Magic & Medicine” by Mary Dean Atwood she claims how ritual helps all the negativity get blocked out. “Ritual quiets the mind, making it accessible for spiritual acts, and a quiet mind blocks out negativity and wasted energy. Spiritual songs and prayers give power to the person performing them” (Pg. 114). Helping people overpower their negative thought to live a natural healthy live and a live with no be in harmony with themselves and be incapable to feel happy of themselves. Instead of buying stress reliving pills that have multitude effects. Jessica talks about how stress is a key factor. “Stress in an important cause of many health problems and it considerably weakens the immune system. …show more content…

Giving precise step-to-step on how to do everything after another step is completed. “Smudge yourself and place an object so that it faces one of the four directions. Turn and face each of the four directions, both standing and bowing. Shake your rattle above your head and below your waist in each direction. Blow tobacco smoke (or offer tobacco) above your head and below your waist to each direction. Say a prayer to each direction, above and below. Sing your song to each direction, above and below. Dance your power animal in each direction, above and below. Burn smudge towards each direction, above and below. Offer cornmeal to each direction, above and below.” For this ritual it explains detail by detail what they do and how they do it in order to get more energy for further use. They use a rattle to shake going up to the head and down towards the leg while they blow a smoke which is tobacco. They start to chant a prayer while singing and dancing. Kathy Weiser explains why the Native American does rituals. “Symbolic healing rituals and ceremonies were often held to bring participants into harmony with themselves, their tribe, and their environment. Ceremonies were used to help groups of people return to harmony.” It may last for days but it helped the people. It helps the person feel in harmony and feel cleansed.
The practices are not known for because of the ban. Kathy Weiser says

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