Spirituality As An Important Aspect Of A Patient 's Recovery

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ABASTRACT Spirituality has been in and out of healthcare and has proven effective every time that it is used. Implementing spirituality into healthcare allows for faster recovery times, better interpersonal relationships with their healthcare providers, and a more holistic approach to healthcare. Several approaches to analyzing it have proven it to be effective but is often not taught when educating future nurses. Through the barriers and the controversy spirituality remains as an important aspect of a patient’s recovery process. Keywords: spirituality, nursing, healthcare, nurses Spirituality in Healthcare Richard Savel, MD, and Cindy Munro, RN, PHD, ANP, (2014) said it best when they said, “Spirituality can also be defined as the …show more content…

As the Crimean war came around, Nightingale gathered a group of the few skilled nurses she could find and was determined to provide secular care though the British society was rooted in religion and was deep in religious conflict at that time (Meehan, 2012). Often spirituality would take a backseat to academics and professionalism when it came to training nurses (Meehan, 2012). Since that shift in priorities, spirituality is still often taking the backseat to everything else when it comes to training and patient care. After looking at how spirituality effects health care and the need for it, many places are implementing it back into their assessments while others are struggling to see the benefits. Healthcare Providers Role and Spiritual Needs When looking at the concept of spirituality many may see this as obsolete when it comes to nursing care, but it helps to incorporate a more holistic approach to nursing care. Richard Savel, MD, and Cindy Munro, RN, PhD, ANP, stated in the American Journal of Critical Care (2014), “As nurses and doctors we ought to take a few moments to ponder the spiritual aspects of any patient interaction; doing so empowers all parties involved and has the potential to promote serenity, tranquility, understanding, and a sense of completeness.” Spirituality has helped patients to find purpose and fulfillment which aids in uncovering inner strengths and reserves that ultimately improve their overall health (Younas,

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