Split Journals- the Catcher and the Rye

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Split journal instructions Ideas/events in Catcher in the Rye My reaction X X X X X X X X x X X X x Sample A: Holden says that he is, “trying to feel some kind of goodbye…” school. (Chapter 1 pg 4) Sample B: Holden Caulfield went to visit a teacher who failed him before he left for winter break (Chapter 2 pg 6-) Chapter 1a: When Holden got kicked out of school. Chapter 1b: When the book speaks of Holden being the fencing captain. Chapter 2a: Throughout chapter 2 Holden is being lectured about his grades. Chapter 2b: In chapter 2 Holden walks away while being lectured. Chapter 3a: Holden is annoyed by the kid in the next dorm to him. Chapter 3b: In the end of the chapter,…show more content…
Response 5a: Reading this made me think of 7th grade. I litteraly would write my friend’s papers all the times. Because we use to have these book reports where we had to read a book and just type a large summary. So that was easy, and my friend didn’t like doing them. So he paid me for it. Response 5b: I know you are going to think this is a “bogus” connection, but let me re-assure you this instantly popped in my head as I read this, and I thought you should know. My dad snores SO LOUD. He can literally wake me up from it sometimes. When I have friends, they are like “what is that?” To only make matters worse my dog is an English bull dog. That dog snores in harmony with my dad. It’s crazy. Response 6a: I can’t connect to Holden really, but with Stadelater I kind of can. The other night I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and my friend ordered an 18 pc wings. Then he gave him a coupon for 6 free wings. He told the guy that he wanted 6 Habanera sauce one and if he couldn’t use the coupon, just to move the 6 to his 18. He did that because he still wanted the 6 habanera sauce ones. So the guy charged him for each wing instead of giving him the meal that he wanted with the 6 wings, and it was more expensive because it was a meal deal thing. My friend started like getting loud with the guy that was serving us because my friend thought it was a dumb mistake. I was a little embarrassed. Response 6b: I can’t really connect to Holden, but I kind of
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