Split Personality Of The Russian National Character Essay

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“Split Personality Of The Russian National Character” Russian Empire, USSR, and the smaller states of today, the largest one being Russia itself have had their due share of a very healthy legacy and have been at the forefront of things. Russian Empire was the last largest empire to have survived for so long and when that split up things did not end there. It is a huge piece of land with marked difference in every respect possible. The way they have contributed to the history and made history is simply commendable. One keeps wondering when one sets to read about what is expected and what is due. The history seems intriguing when we start considering the Russian history. The Russians represents a sort of split personality and the way things …show more content…

Turks were there, controlling a part of it. Be it the Bolsheviks or the Proletariats or the reign of Peter the Great or the defeats at the hands of Napoleon or annihilation of his army or the defeat of German near Stalingrad, some things have stayed the same and in the limelight. They have paid dearly for the things, which they did not even do in the past and secondly they have always been there in their own subtle little way but never as a force to reckon with. Any guesses as to why do that happen? The nation has been growing and building as the earlier parts of the essay suggest. It had a lot of interaction and the growth brought in a lot of people from outside and the races mixed and there were hybrids. So it is not and it never was one nation. There were a lot of nations within that single nation and that is what made it all the more complex. There was no single driving force and there was nothing to unite the. No religion commonality, no language as being the same, even the origins was different. It was bound to happen that the nation would have a split personality and it did have that. There was a lot of dichotomy in the statements made and there was a huge consensus as to how to eliminate the differences but this was something that just was not possibly biologically speaking. Be it music or be it the style of governance or even the type of architecture in the country. They all

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