Sports Head Injuries Essay

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Sports head injuries There are many dilemmas that plague sports. Some of those can range from bribing, cheating, racism, and sports safety. In the past the NBA had to deal with the betting scandal involving Tim Donaghy and baseball has had to deal with the issue of performance enhancers. The sports industry generates around half a trillion dollars a year and it has to deal with multiple dilemmas at the youth, college, and professional level. A growing issue with sports has been the number of injuries that athletes have had to deal with. Typical sports injuries range from twisting ankles, blowing out knees, and dislocating shoulders. Surgery and rehabilitation have helped athletes to recover and get them back on the playing field faster…show more content…
It also has set objectives of creating safer equipment that will help against head injuries. This is something that is a “must”, because it can lead to death and disabilities. After this the next step is to generate alternatives. This involves coming up with innovate helmets that might reduce the risk of head injuries. The league could also come up with more creative rules and procedures that wouldn’t affect the way the game is played, but reduce the number of head injuries. The NFL needs to prepare itself by getting its coaches, players, owners, and doctors together to get their feelings, opinions and ideas on how to resolve this issue. It’s important that the NFL uses brainstorming, Delphi technique, consensus mapping and other forms in creating innovative solutions to this problem. When it comes to selecting the most feasible alternative to this issue the NFL has decided to fine and suspend players who purposely deliver helmet to helmet contact. They have also spent money on more advance helmets that help prevent head injuries. The NFL has also created a hotline in which players can call to report abuse. Some players have been forced by coaches to participate in practices days after receiving a concussion. The NFL could also conduct further research by hiring independent labs to study the effects of concussions. Some current players have also decided to donate their brains after they die in order to
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