Sports Related Concussions Have Become An Increasing Problem Among Young Athlete Essay

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Introduction Sports related concussions have become an increasing problem among young athlete, especially seen among athletes who take part in high contact sports such as football. Concussions can be defined as an impulse blow to the head.1 There has been a growing amount of studies about sports concussions, which have provided a variety of evidence-based practice about athletes safe return to play.1 The research to date suggest a common theme on managing a player’s return to play reflecting players should ‘rest until symptom free.’2 Athletes resting allows for the brain to recover and be able to re-establish neurometabolic balances and restore ideal neurological function.2 Many high school athletes are not see taking time for complete rest, including rest from studying, video games, and texting, which can further cause a delay in return to play, which makes it necessary for health care providers, coaches, players, and parents to have a direct understanding of the recovery process of a concussion. 1,2,3 The goal of this study was to investigate the knowledge of varsity football players and coaches about concussion symptoms, along with identifying players suffering from a concussion, based on the current summary and protocol tools provided by Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) and King Devick tests.
Review of Literature
The research to date indicates that 300,000 sports related concussions occur each year.1 It is estimated in a recent review that as many as 3.8

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